Saturday, September 29, 2012

Another Weekend For Gina - 2


Yes, imagination is wonderful, and thanks for posting my submission.

Last evening was round after round of smoking and wetting.  Mistress Victoria did grant a dry diaper before bedtime.  She had me sleep in hose, of course, and my diaper and chastity.  About 4 am I woke up with intense clitty cycling...very much chastity torment...and that lasted for an hour or more.  I wanted to take off the tight nylon device and crotch rope, but could not as she controls me.  A shower this morning helped and she had me apply some skin lotion on my diaper rash and where the crotch rope abrades my entire lower torso.  The long black rubber dildoe was in me all last evening, but she let me take it out for sleep.

I have had my first wetting and smoke this morning.  Makeup time is scheduled shortly. She had me go get the mail last evening wearing my black hose and male shorts and shirt, but my little black sissy ballet shoes.  Same thing getting the paper this morning.

The crotch rope is perfectly tied.  I cannot possible ignore it, but I love the sensations.  Right now I also have on the tight, long, black Rago OB girdle adding strong compression to my body, and plastic panties to prevent leaks.

It will be a long, interesting day in diaper slavery.


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sarah penguin said...

Thanks for sharing here Gina agains! I hope you're having fun :) *waves*