Monday, October 1, 2012

Another Weekend For Gina - 4


Well, I did not roll a twelve so Mistress Victoria sent me to bed with a dry diaper, and had me remove the plug.  I slept well, but again woke early with excruciating confinement in the sissy chastity and tight crotch rope. 

This morning there was an email:  remove diaper and crotch rope and chastity. She had me shower (no touching!), wash the crotch rope, and tie my sissy clitty tightly with a fresh nylon stocking.  No chastity, this is tight around my balls and member, double tied so any sissy swelling is enhanced, and I can get very hard.  Then the still wet, but clean,  crotch rope was retied very tightly, then the lubed long, black rubber penis plug inserted.  Finally added was my old pair of plastic panties. And also my black Rago garter belt and vintage tan nylons from the seventies.  I have strict instructions to not touch myself, and the inside of the plastic panties were also lubed.

I adore the feeling of real nylons.  These do not stretch, and have a somewhat rough texture, and are very shiny in any light.

And, it was off to church wearing jeans over all this, and no male socks, but more deep dark mascara and light purple/silver eye shadow and light frosty pink lipstick.
Just driving to church set my sissy clitty a tingling.  It has been nearly two weeks since a cummy.  Church was grand, and the ladies behind me smiled, and I wondered if they noticed my makeup.  Victoria did have me apply some light perfume also.  She instructed me to sit like a girl:  knees tightly together, or crossed.  My crossed legs revealed my nyloned ankle, and I suspect the ladies had a clear view. 

These old plastic panties are stiff, and they make an interesting, and loud ++rustling++ sound at every movement.  Surely the people at church heard. Walking while plugged and hard caressed my clitty constantly in the slithery plastic panties.  After church I went to get tacos and had a nice lunch, but realized I missed my diaper very much.  At home I realized she is tormenting me, and teasing me, and it is distracting me greatly.  The penis plug is milking me constantly.  It slides in and out, in and out and my clitty is enclosed in the slippery plastic cocoon of the panties, and I am so, so frustrated. Not being allowed to even touch myself is so difficult, and I feel so very submissive and out of control.  As I type this I am fully hard and throbbing with no hope of release and I am leaking profusely.

Mentally and emotionally I am approaching delirium. 

She has had me watching various sissy porn movies.  One in particular was about two lesbian British ladies: one visiting the other who is a lingerie/girdle/nylon stocking fitter. The long movie just peaked me so much, it is hard to describe.  Oh, how I love real nylons!

Victoria read my post on your blog, and told me to add that every smoke has required wooden clothes pins nipple clamps during the entire cigarette. So my nipples, are very sore and sensitive, but I love the feelings and sensations of the clamps as I put them on and off.  I had to buy another pack of Virginia Slims as I have gone through twenty in just two days of her control.  Combining the nicotine craving with submission is very powerful.  She controls everything.

So, here I am, reporting to Victoria, and also your blog.  

Time for more videos, she has selected several more for my viewing, and I am required to discuss parts that I enjoy.

endlessly milked and tormented....

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sarah penguin said...

Poor thing, diaperless! How terrible!