Friday, October 19, 2012


Hi Everyone,

Now that I’ve posted the latest segment of The Bet, I have to tell you that I’m going to be away on vacation all next week.  So unfortunately you’re going to have to wait over a week to get the next segment.  Sorry about that, but it’s just the way things worked out.

But I will tell you this…  I’m guessing that you’ll be reading the end of The Bet sometime next spring.  The story that I’m considering posting after The Bet takes place right near where I’ll be staying – the north Georgia hills.  So get out your maps and take a look at what’s up there as well as the topography.  It’s a beautiful area and I’m going fishing!

Have some fun while I’m gone everyone – I intend to!

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sarah penguin said...

Hmmm...infantalized sissified mountains for your next story? :)