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The Bet - Chapter 56 (Friday – week 8 Part 1 of 9)

The Bet
By Karen Singer

Chapter 56 (Friday – week 8 Part 1 of 9)

     In the wee hours of the morning, she opened her eyes.  Her still fuzzy brain realized that the lights were on.  She had fallen asleep without meaning to.  Still dressed, she forced herself to get up off her bed. 
     But with semi-wakefulness, her thoughts immediately returned to Sissy.  Sissy!  And she realized that she hadn’t left him his usual note yet.  At any other time, she would have decided to forget the note, let him deal with everything in the usual manner as she knew he most likely would.  But she couldn’t do that this time.  Like yesterday, it was important that she leave him his early morning instructions. 
     She left her bedroom and headed for her desk. Brief thoughts of coffee flashed through her brain, but it was too late… or too early… whatever!  As soon as she could, she was going back to sleep again!  Five minutes later, her instructions for him written, she grabbed her keys and headed over to his apartment where she quietly let herself in. 
     She left the door open for a minute till she could turn the light on in the kitchen.  The very dim light coming from the parking area through his door helped her to see.  She found the light switch and turned it on.  The note, she left on his counter where she always left it. 
     With the kitchen light still on so she could see better, she went to his bedroom and stood in the doorway a moment.  His room was mostly dark shadows, but she could just make him out on his little blow-up mattress on the floor.  There were three bottles on the floor next to his mattress, hopefully all empty.  She hadn’t even told him to drink them last night when he left.  He had simply done it.  He was that good. 
     She quietly went over to his clock radio and adjusted the alarm for the time she figured he would need to wake up – a few hours from now.  Later than yesterday, but still awfully early.  Tomorrow… or rather later this morning, when she woke up… it would only be a short while after he awoke.   
     She paused to look down at the sleeping figure, amazed as always at how sound he slept every night.  The distinct odor of something unpleasant in the back of his diapers was filling the air.  She hadn’t even pretended to put one of the suppositories up inside of him last night as she had meant to.  And she hadn’t told Robin to do it either.  But it seemed that that was one part of him that worked the way she wanted it to.  Unfortunately, it was only while he was asleep.
     As she stared at the sleeping figure.  She could see how he was sucking actively on his pacifier as he dreamed.  She got a big kick out of that.  She knew that if she took a full baby bottle and put it to his lips he would suck it down like he did his other bottles, and probably never even wake up.
     As she watched him sleeping, she wondered if he had any idea at all how much she thought of him.  Probably not much, she decided.  All her actions lately had been anything but kind.  But then, wasn’t that the essence of his fantasies?  There was something about that thought that bothered her… her inner brain knew what that something was, but she purposely turned and left him so as not to think about that anymore. 
     She turned off his kitchen light and went back to her own apartment.  She finally got undressed and slipped a light nylon gown over her head.  She turned off all the lights in her living room, leaving only the one light on by her bed.  She set her alarm for later than she had the day before, but still far too early.  Then she got in bed and pulled the covers over her.  She was so tired.  It was only with great effort that she found the strength to prop herself up far enough to turn out the light. 
     Darkness.  Darkness and sleep.  Restful sleep.  Much needed sleep.  And much needed dreams.

     It was pure chaos!  People everywhere… commotion everywhere.  And in the middle of it all she and Sissy were trying to do Sissy’s final testing! 
     People kept running up to her with questions and demanding her time, and in all the commotion, she kept losing sight of Sissy.  Fortunately, he was wearing his blue sissy baby dress so he was easy to find amid all the dark grey suits in the room, but she still had to work to keep an eye on him. 
     She answered yet another question about Feinbaum’s contract and ran to find Sissy again.  There he was, curtseying in his pretty blue dress and talking to one of Feinbaum’s men.  “Sissy,” she said desperately, “did you wet yourself again?”
     Sissy pulled up all his layered skirts to expose his plastic panties that were all puffed out by the many layers of diapers inside.  “I don’t know,” he said.
     She stared at his bulk of diapers.  How could she see if he had wet himself inside all those diapers? 
      “Mel!  Get over here!” Feinbaum’s voice barked. 
     Frustrated, she left Sissy to see what Feinbaum wanted now.  She was forced to talk with yet someone else about some vague part of the contract.  And the whole time she was talking, all she wanted to do was to get back to Sissy to find out how he was doing.
     Finally, she got free.  She ignored several calls for her attention from various people and went in search of him again.  There he was, now in a different part of the room curtseying and talking with several people.  She hurried over to him.  “Can you control yourself yet?” she asked desperately.
      “I don’t know,” he replied.
      “What do you mean you don’t know!” she argued.  “You have to know!”
      “I don’t know!” Sissy insisted.
     Someone was pulling on her arm.  “Mel, we need you!”
      “But…”  She needed to talk to Sissy, not discuss the contract!  Once again she was pulled away to answer some of the same old questions.  It was maddening.  And as soon as she was done, she hurried back to Sissy again.  “Can you control yourself?” she asked yet again.
      “I don’t know,” was Sissy’s same answer. 
      “But you have to know!” Mel almost screamed in her frustration.
      “Mel!  We need you.  The contract!”
      “No!  I need…”
      “The contract!  It’s your job!”
      “But I have to...”
      “Your job!  It’s important!”
      “But this is important too!” she argued.
     She was pulled in two different directions at once.  And again Sissy disappeared from her sight while she talked with more men in dark grey suits. 
     It was with relief when she finally realized the meeting was over.  She saw Sissy in his silly blue dress curtseying for everyone by the door and saying goodbye to each one as they left.  When the last person was gone, she and Sissy were finally alone.
      “Can you control yourself?” she asked yet again.
      “I don’t know,” he replied. 
      “But you have to know!” she said yet again.  “Let me see your diapers.”
     He pulled his skirts up exposing his overly padded loins.  But she could tell nothing from what she saw.  Nothing.  How could she find out?  He didn’t know and she had no way to tell.  The bet was over, but they had no results!  But there had to be results!  There had to be a winner!
     A buzzing sound pulled at her frustrating dream, finally pulling her away from the dream situation and into real life where she opened her eyes.  Ugh!  Another day.  Another very early day.
     She sat up on the side of the bed and shut the alarm off.  She remembered having to get up in the middle of the night to take care of Sissy’s note.  She guessed she was grateful for the sleep she had gotten before that, but she still felt groggy and unrested.  Of course, it was earlier than she wanted it to be.  But at least it wasn’t nearly as early as it had been yesterday.
     She got to her feet with only one thought on her brain – coffee.  Just like every morning, she had to make the coffee.  It would be so nice when Sissy could bring the coffee, already made, into her bedroom every morning.  So nice!
     As she stood in front of her coffee pot watching it work, she thought about just that, Sissy bringing her coffee in the morning.  Soon now, very soon.  Just another week… at least until the testing started.  But…  And then the realization hit her.  Why wait till after the testing.  This was going to be Sissy’s last day at work.  She could actually have him bring her coffee to her starting tomorrow morning!  Why not?  Yes!  She would do it!  She could even have him start sleeping here if necessary. 
     She pulled a cup out of the cupboard and poured the fresh coffee into it. She took a sip, then another one.  And she remembered one little thing that would be wrong with her plan.  Sissy… and how sound he always slept.  If she set an alarm for him, she didn’t want it waking her up too soon.  But she still liked the idea of moving him in with her now rather than later.  The alarm was just a little detail she would have to work out.
     With her mind picturing Sissy, perfectly dressed in his maid’s outfit, serving her morning breakfast in bed, she carried her coffee into the living room where she sat in her chair to enjoy it for a few minutes.  Only when she was seated did the thoughts and worries from last night find their way back into her brain.  He was fairly certain he could gain everything back in just a few hours!  He had no idea at all how long he was capable of holding back.  And to go along with that, he still firmly believed in the concepts of self-respect, friends, and a life. 
     Despite what Robin had told her about his inability to control himself… despite what Cassie had been telling her about the same thing... all she could see were the obstacles that now stood in her way.  How could she win?  She had to win… because…  But the reason she had to win wasn’t something she was capable of putting into words just yet.  Though she didn’t want to think fully about the why of it, she only knew she had to win!
     Grunting, she forced herself to her feet and went to her bedroom to put some shorts and a t-shirt on while she made his morning breakfast of baby cereal.
     So how was she going to manage it?  How was she going to overcome the obstacles?  How was she going to win?  A few hours?  No idea?  Self-respect? 

     The loud blaring rock music suddenly set Chad’s nerves on edge.  As quickly as he could, he rolled off his blow-up mattress to his knees and turned the offending music off.  Whew!  He stared at the time on the clock.  Early!  Later than yesterday, but still awfully early.  So why the difference?  Why was it earlier than usual, but later than yesterday?  As he fought his way to his feet despite his overly bloated and very heavy diapers, he could only think of one reason for the time change – another humiliation.  Mel had something else new to humiliate him today cooking in that scheming brain of hers.  Yet the way things stood right now, what choice did he have but to endure it?  None!  He would have to go through whatever she threw at him.  And the best part of it was, that despite how much he would hate it, he would secretly love it just as much!  That was the problem with him.  He was a sissy.  A big sissy.  A super sissy.  And the humiliation was one of his major needs.  It would be nice to have a break every once in a while though… or at least have it slow down a bit.
     The bra holding his glued-on breast forms felt extra heavy for some reason today.  As he waddled his way out to his kitchen, he tugged at it to resettle everything in place.  And there was her note, right where it should be.  Now to see what she had planned for him today!


Three bottles before you do anything else. 

Like yesterday, only do your hair – not your makeup. 

Wear only one diaper and your bra again when you come for breakfast – as early as you can.

     Chad read the note a second time.  Like yesterday?  Only one diaper again?  As early as you can?  That didn’t sound good!  Was she planning on taking him to work again wearing one of his silly sissy dresses?  That’s what it sounded like.  So why was it so much later than yesterday morning?  If that’s what she was planning, then the big time difference didn’t sound good.  Maybe he’d better hurry as much as possible!
     He removed the pacifier from his mouth and quickly grabbed three bottles of her lousy tea from his refrigerator.  He carried them into his living room where his one and only chair faced his wall of ridiculous pictures… and his framed copy of the bet contract.  But once again he didn’t see anything on the wall in front of him.  He was too worried about what Mel had cooked up for him today!

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