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The Bet - Chapter 55 (Thursday – week 8 Part 8 of 9)

The Bet
By Karen Singer

Chapter 55 (Thursday – week 8 Part 8 of 9)

     Chad was barely curtseying as he went through the tiresome routine that Robin was making him do over and over again… and… he wasn’t getting up and down from the floor either – he dared not!  Shortly after Robin had left he had again messed his diaper.  Now with it not only messy, but totally soaked a well, he dared not move any more than absolutely necessary.  There could also be no doubt as to what he had done in the back of his diaper, because with nothing else to  cover it or protect against it, he was starting to smell terribly!
     Did he dare stop to change himself?  Maybe he better.  And where was Robin anyway?  She had gone out to talk on her phone, but it was certainly taking her long enough.  He stopped practicing completely.  He dared not put off changing any longer.  The hard part this time was going to be his dress! 
      “I don’t hear you!” Robin’s voice came from over the wall.
     Darn!  He couldn’t believe it!  She had again gone back to his cubicle.  “I can’t!” he replied, I really have to change.  Besides, I’m starting to smell pretty bad!”
     Robin was around to her own cubicle in mere moments.  “Okay, let’s get that diaper off of you.  Oh!  It is starting to stink in here!”
     She started to pull up on the skirts of Sissy’s dress, but she quickly realized that since he was messy, the best thing might be to have him remove the dress instead.  “Let’s get this thing off of you this time.  It’s only going to be in the way and I don’t want to take a chance it could get messed up.”
     Two minutes later, Chad was far more naked in front of her.  He pulled open the top tapes on one side of his diaper and started lowering it down toward the floor – carefully watching as he started to make sure he wasn’t in the process of peeing again before he got it too far.  As soon as he could, he stepped out of it and stepped away from the messy thing.
     Robin stood back and watched him carefully.  “After you get rid of that smelly thing, you better clean the floor under it – just in case.”  Sissy was in the process of pulling a fresh baby wipe out of the container as she said it.  And once again, she saw a tiny bit of pee run out of his chastity device to fall on the floor… and once again, Sissy didn’t appear to notice.  This time, she said nothing. 
     Chad grabbed the wipe and cleaned himself up.  Then he grabbed a fresh diaper, but by then still another tiny bit of pee escaped.  This time, he noticed it hitting the floor.  He almost cursed out loud.  He stopped what he was doing though and looked briefly up at Robin as if to say he was sorry.
      “Don’t stop,” Robin said.  “Get yourself covered up before it happens again!”
     A minute later, Chad was freshly diapered and feeling much more comfortable, even though inside his diaper, his chastity device had already leaked a tiny bit more of the pee that was running out of him very frequently.
     As he was putting his dress back on, Robin had to wonder once again, how could he possibly think he could win?  He had no clue what was happening down there!

     Stand up, curtsey, pull the plug out, talk like an idiot, put the plug back in, curtsey, drop back to the floor.  Over and over and over again!  Chad was getting exhausted… while Robin sat in her seat and worked carefully on their project – seeming like she was totally ignoring him.  Sometimes she did turn around to watch him for a while.  At those times he was very careful to curtsey as well as possible, but when she wasn’t watching, he was mostly just going through the motions. 
     He could stop whenever he wanted.  In fact, she was encouraging him to stop.  But every time he stopped he had to drink another baby bottle of her infant formula, then it was right back to practicing curtseying again.  He was starting to need those bottle breaks more and more frequently now.  Should he drink two bottles in a row… just for a longer break?  No, he was already too full of liquid. 
     Stand up, curtsey, pull his pacifier, talk stupid, pacifier back, curtsey, try not to fall while getting back down.  He was ready to fall down – and stay there!  He would have much rather been bored playing with the paper dolls instead of this miserable torture! 
     Instead of getting up, he crawled over next to her desk and leaned against it for a moment.  He saw her turn around to look at him.  He forced himself to his feet and opened the diaper bag again.  He started picking through the bottles in it, searching for one that was still full.  Found one!  Unfortunately.  He sank down exhausted to the floor again and put the stupid bottle to his lips.  He drank, but not quickly.  He barely sucked on the thing.  But Robin was making sure he was sucking and drinking all the time. 
     Robin got up and checked the bottles in his diaper bag.  “You’re out again,” she noticed.  “Don’t worry, I’ll keep making more for you.  I’ve got plenty of stuff.”  With that, she got out her supplies again and made up three more bottles.  She glanced at the time, he probably wouldn’t need them all, but if Mel was going to be very late then he might get to drink them.  There was only a little while left before the end of the day.
     Once she had finished, she looked down at him, still nursing slowly on his bottle.  “Let me know when you finish that bottle,” she told him.  “We need to get you changed before you leave.”
     Chad looked up at her, his bottle still in his mouth.  Changed?  Yeah, changing his diaper would be a good idea.  It was Thursday.  Their weekly session at Gloria’s office was tonight.  Not to mention that he would get a decent meal of something other than baby food at whatever restaurant Mel decided to stop at.  A fresh diaper before he left was defiantly needed.  But changing his diaper wasn’t the only thing he wanted to change before the day was done.  He really wanted to change his dress!  How was he supposed to get out of the building while wearing this dress?  It was a maddening thought. 
     As he nursed slowly on his bottle, he saw Robin pull a small travel bag out from under her desk and set it on her chair.  He watched as she opened it and started looking at whatever was inside.  He watched as she pulled out… some material that was white with some kind of black stripes.  His zebra print dress!  His dress was in that bag!  Right there on her chair.  Somehow, Mel had delivered a change of clothes for him to change into before he could leave!  Salvation!  Hooray!  So why was Robin closing the bag again and stuffing it back under her desk out of sight?
      “I’m finished,” he said a few minutes later in the middle of his curtsey routine.  He didn’t sink back down to the floor this time because he had started from his feet and he planned on staying standing up – while he changed his diaper.
      “Okay,” Robin replied as she got up from her seat again.  “Let me help hold your skirts out of the way again.”
     Chad was a bit surprised.  “Wouldn’t it be easier if I just take the dress off?”
     This time it was Robin’s turn to be surprised.  “You can if you want, but you’ve managed to change them this way all day… unless you’re messy again, then we really should take the dress off first.”
      “No, what I mean is that…  I saw you had my other dress in the bag there.  Can’t I put it on now?  It’s almost time to leave.”
     Robin had a good suspicion of what he was talking about before, but she didn’t want him to know that.  “Oh.  That dress.  No.  Mel said she decided she wanted you to go home in the dress you’ve got on.  So there’s no need to change it.  Just you diaper.”
     All the hope that Chad had been feeling for the past few minutes was quickly ripped out from under him.  He stood there petrified as he realized that he was going to have to go out of the building… amid all those people leaving at the same time… while wearing his silly sissy dress.  It was maddening!  His stomach immediately gave a huge lurch.
      “What are you waiting for?” Robin asked.
     Only then did Chad realize that she was already holding up the skirts of his dress.  More reluctantly now, he started changing his wet diaper. 

     Stand up, curtsey, pull the plug, talk like an idiot, stuff the plug, curtsey… but that’s as far as he got before Robin suddenly asked, “Where’s your cell phone?”
     He curtseyed again without thinking and pulled his pacifier out.  “In my purse.”  Pacifier, plug.  He almost dropped to the floor again but he stopped himself. 
      “Go get your purse… and anything else you brought with you that you need to take home.”
     Chad curtseyed automatically and hurried out.  The only thing he had to get to go home was his purse out of his desk drawer.  But when he got to his cubicle, he noticed that his computer was still on.  That needed to be turned off for the day.  He reached out to turn it off when he heard Robin’s voice coming over the wall.  “Don’t turn your computer off.  I’ll be needing it.”  He pulled his hand back again.  He stopped for a moment to collect his thoughts then he opened his desk drawer and retrieved his tiny little-girl purse.  He went back to Robin’s cubicle and curtseyed with the sissy thing still in his hand.
     Robin stared at his purse as if she didn’t believe what she was seeing.  Then she giggled.  “That’s a darling little purse, Sissy.  I know you have to be so proud to have it.”  She giggled again.  “Just set it on the desk there.  Mel said she was going to call you when she got here.  Until then… keep practicing!”  She smiled slyly, “While I go over to your desk and surf the net till she gets here.  Don’t let me hear you stopping till your phone rings.  And you don’t need any more bottles.  Just practice!”
     She stared at him for a few moments… until he curtseyed and removed the pacifier from his mouth and started his practice.  “All the way down to the floor each time!” she said so there would be no misunderstanding.  You had to tell children exactly what you wanted them to do each time.  She watched him doing a few repetitions, then she turned off her computer and grabbed her big bag out of her drawer, careful not to get in his way.  Everything else could be left right where it was.  “I’ll be at your desk,” she whispered just before she walked out.  “Just keep going!”
     As she sat down at Chad’s desk, she could clearly hear him saying, “I promise to be a good baby girl.”  So satisfying.  She opened up his web browser and continued to surf through anything interesting.  She was supposed to go to the gym tonight… and she probably still would.  She was just going to be a bit later than usual.
     Chad wasn’t sure what to do.  In the middle of his practicing he tried to check the time, but with her computer off, he didn’t have a clue what time it was.  Was she really over at his desk?  Did he dare stop and find out?  Not yet!  No, it was too soon, he couldn’t stop yet.  So he kept going… and going… and going.
     It was nearly ten minutes after quitting time when Robin heard him stop.  She looked up from the computer screen to the ceiling over top of the wall.  “I don’t hear you!” she said loudly.  A moment later, she heard him resuming his practice.  As quietly as possible, she closed his computer, picked up his bag, and tiptoed out and down the hallway.  She could still hear him practicing halfway to the corner.
     Chad felt so frustrated.  Darn Robin really was going to wait till Mel called.  He had no choice but to keep repeating the same monotonous exercise he had been doing all day.  He wasn’t even thinking about it anymore.  He had done it so much he didn’t need to.  He was getting awfully tired from it though.  Up and down.  Curtsey over and over.  Even pulling the stupid pacifier in and out of his mouth was getting to be a major pain.  But he kept going.  Because when he had tried to stop, Robin had yelled at him over the wall.  Why couldn’t she surf the net on her own computer?
     How long had he been doing this anyway?  He thought he heard some noise and commotion from the hallway a while back.  That had probably been the others leaving.  But he knew for a fact that Robin was still here.  So he kept going, and wishing Mel would call.  He was getting to the point now where he didn’t care who saw him leaving, he just wanted to stop the insane practicing that Robin was making him do.  Ring phone, ring!  Please!
     But it was an eternity before the darn thing seemed to ring.  And when it did, he couldn’t tear his tiny purse open fast enough to get his cell phone out.  “Hello?”
      “Sissy, I’m waiting right outside.  Hurry up!”
     Mel!  And he could finally leave!  He didn’t bother waiting for Robin, he shoved his cell phone back in his purse, grabbed his diaper bag, and ran!  As he ran past his own cubicle, he noted angrily that Robin wasn’t even in there.  She had even shut his computer down.  But he didn’t have time to give that much more thought.  He was already running and was committed to getting out of the building. 
     He didn’t know what time it was, but it couldn’t be too late because he ran past someone else who was heading for the door himself.  Hallway after hallway. His little purse flying in his left hand while he lugged his diaper bag in his right hand.  His crazy skirts flopping all over the place with every running step.  He ran past someone else… then another person heading for the door.
     Another turn… and the door was just ahead!  There was a group of people talking just inside of it.  And out beyond, he could just make out Mel’s car.  Not daring to stop or even slow down, he ran right past the astonished group of people, and right out through the door. 
     And there was Robin, standing there next to Mel’s car talking to her.  He ran around to the far side of her car and opened the back door and threw his diaper bag inside.  He opened the front passenger door and jumped in as fast as he could.  Whew!  He had made it.  But so many people had seen him… some of them now coming out of the building to stare at Mel’s car. 
     Mel and Robin were both staring at him… with huge smiles on their faces.  “Have fun?” Mel asked.

     Since it was a bit late, Mel decided to stop at a fast food restaurant instead of going to their usual Thursday night restaurant.  But since it wasn’t all that late, she decided that they should go in… which somehow didn’t surprise Chad in the least.  It was bad enough going anywhere dressed as he was, but a fast-food place at the height of dinner time was perhaps one of the worst case scenarios on his list.  And of course, he could tell as soon as they entered the parking lot that the place was packed!
     While Mel drove through the parking lot looking for a place to park, Chad couldn’t take his eyes off of the building they were about to enter.  He particularly noted the number of people he could see through the windows.  A lot!  Without realizing it, he sucked harder on his pacifier as his nervousness increased.
     Mel found a parking place a bit further from the door than she would really like.  “It looks like we’re going to have to stand and wait a bit just to order,” she said.  “It’s a good thing we’ve got a little bit of time.”  She smiled wickedly at him.  “Don’t forget your purse,” she said teasingly.  “And grab an empty bottle from your bag.  Oh… and leave the pacifier in your mouth!”  With that, she opened her car door and got out. 
     Now it was Chad’s turn to get out of the car.  He wasn’t looking forward to this at all.  Slowly, he opened the car door, careful to not let it bump against the car next to them.  And just as slowly, he eased himself – and all his puffy skirts out of the car. 
      “What are you waiting for?” Mel asked, trying to get him to hurry.
     With his tiny little purse in his hand, he backed away from the door far enough so that it wouldn’t catch on his skirt… and he closed the door.  He opened the rear door and fished through his diaper bag for an empty bottle.  Then he extracted himself from the car and closed the rear door.  A second later, he heard the distinct sound of the door locks engaging as Mel pressed the lock button on her remote key.  No way back.  The only place to go was inside… like it or not.  Feeling ridiculous, he followed Mel toward the door and the waiting crowd inside.
     There were several people standing outside the door talking.  It didn’t take long for all of them to stop what they were doing and stare at him as he approached.  “Nice dress,” one of them called out mockingly.
      “Make sure you thank him for the compliment Sissy,” Mel said without even turning around.
     Sissy stopped near them and curtseyed.  Removing his pacifier from his mouth he said, “Thank you,” in his lisping sissy voice.  Then he replaced his pacifier, curtseyed again and followed Mel inside.  He could hear the laughter and feel the eyes of all the people outside watching him as he headed for the door.
      “Was that a baby bottle?” he heard one of them asking.
      “Must have been,” another one replied.  “He was sucking on a pacifier.
     Chad was glad to get through the doors and away from them, but getting inside brought its own horrors.  While he was very aware of the people outside watching him now through the large glass windows, he could now feel the eyes of everyone inside gradually turning more and more in his direction. 
     Mel stopped just inside the door.  The place was really packed.  If it wasn’t for Sissy, she would have turned around and gone somewhere else.  But she had no doubt that all these people were embarrassing Sissy horribly.  So she stayed.  She just needed a plan of attack so they could order something to eat.  “Sissy, why don’t you wait right here by the door while I wait in line.  No sense in both of us being in that mess.”  She almost giggled as she left him there.  Where he was standing was in clear view of everyone in the place.  If he were to wait in line with everyone else, the crowd itself would shield him. 
     Chad was all too aware of how exposed he was where he was standing.  Worse, most of the people came and left through the door right next to him.  It was only moments until a small group of people headed for the door.  They all were naturally looking him over carefully – some of them laughing a bit. 
      “What are you supposed to be?” one of them asked as they paused in front of him.
     Chad didn’t even think about curtseying, it just came naturally.  “A sissy,” he replied in his stupid voice between curtseys. 
     The people all laughed.  “I’d say you’ve got it down perfectly!” one of them replied as they all laughed. 
     Chad didn’t know what to do, so he curtseyed again and removed his pacifier.  “Thank you,” he replied.  They were still laughing as they went out through the door.
     People came in, people left.  Chad stayed put.  He got more questions and comments standing there than he had ever gotten before. 

“What is this, Halloween?”
“What’s with the pacifier and baby bottle?”
“I think your dress is just darling!”
“Are you wearing diapers under that dress?”
“How come you’re standing there?”
“Do you perform for birthday parties?”
“Oh my God!”
“Hold still!  Let me get their picture with you!”
“Aw, do you need someone to refill your bottle for you?”
“Do you like sucking on that thing?”
“Do you dress like that all the time?”

And more than any other question they asked, “Why are you standing there?”

     It was like a never ending parade of attention.  And to each and every question Chad had to curtsey, remove his pacifier, answer the question in his lisping sissy voice, replace his pacifier, and curtsey again.  Over and over again.   It was almost like what he had been doing all day long in Robin’s cubicle, except here he didn’t have to get up and down from the floor.  He was grateful for small favors! 
     He constantly checked Mel’s progress in the line.  She was moving forward, but maddeningly slow.  He felt horribly embarrassed the whole time, but that embarrassment increased each and every time someone spoke to him – especially when they asked a question – which happened frequently. 
     Eventually, he realized that the crowd outside that was watching him had grown by more than a bit.  At the same time, he realized that there were now people standing around watching him from inside too.  And still Mel hadn’t ordered their dinner yet.  But at least she was close.
     Mel constantly tried to keep an eye on Sissy as he talked with so many people going in and out… and more than a few who weren’t doing either.  She had noticed yesterday that he was now curtseying before and after he spoke each time, and he was doing the same thing again today.  It was the way Robin was making him do it, which was more than what she herself required.  But she loved seeing it so much that there was no way she was going to put a stop to it.  Let him!  The more the better!
     Three questions and curtsey exercises later, Chad saw Mel talking to the person taking her order.  Finally!  But of course, she had to wait for their order to be prepared – which took all too long.  By the time Mel finally came back to him, holding two bags and one drink in her hands… he noticed that one of the bags was a child’s meal… he was beyond ready to get out of there.  Except they weren’t leaving.
      “Okay Sissy,” Mel said as she approached.  “Sorry that took so long.  Glad to see you’ve been making so many new friends though.  Are you ready to eat?”
     Curtsey, pacifier.  “Yeth Mithdweth,” he replied in his stupid voice.  Pacifier, curtsey.  He followed her through the restaurant till they were able to find an empty table.  He felt less exposed sitting at the table, but only a very little less.  He was still the focus of everyone who could see him. 
     Mel sat across from Sissy enjoying his obvious embarrassment, but sitting in that restaurant, with so many people paying such close attention to them both, was starting to make her a bit uncomfortable too.  It hadn’t been bad at all while she was standing in line, but now there was no doubt that since she was there with him she was also the focus of everyone’s scrutiny – and she found it making her a little nervous.  As she poured part of the drink she had gotten into his baby bottle for him and placed the child’s meal in front of him, she did her best to ignore everyone looking at her as well as him. 
     They didn’t talk much during that meal, which turned out good for both of them since they were both fairly uncomfortable and anxious to get out of there – Chad much more so than Mel.  The minute Mel noticed that he had finished his meal, she wrapped up what was left of her own meal for the trash.  Grab your bottle and let’s get out of here,” she suggested.  Chad was all too ready to comply.  Sitting there in that dress, eating a meal that was obviously meant for a child, and drinking occasionally from his baby bottle had been almost as bad as standing by the door, curtseying, and answering questions.  He was more than glad to get back into the comfort and security of Mel’s car.  Mel was too.


Ewa Andersson said...

A very interesting passage! In some way I still envy Chad. It is easy to understand his mixed emotions about what he is subjected to do.

Very good work!

sarah penguin said...

Gosh another neat story bit! Gosh that restaurant visit sounds scary and fun and ooooh! *shivers and giggles* Fanks for sharing your story here wif us *hugs*