Monday, October 1, 2012

Another Weekend For Gina - 6


About 3 pm I complained (mistake) to Mistress Victoria that I needed to wet.  Not having a diaper, I could not.  She had me put one on, and told me:  after three smoking and wettings, then you are required to hump the diaper and cummy.  Then you are to sleep in that wet diaper and crotch rope.  Monday you may have a dry diaper.  She said cumming into a sopping diaper is good for my diaper discipline training.  

The first two wettings and smokes were precisely at half hour intervals.  The last one was at four pm.

So, I am waiting for the permission for that third wetting.  She had me drink green tea all afternoon. Cup after cup of strong, hot green tea. I am squirming.  I am in torment.  It has been over 60 minutes...and I desperately need to wet my diaper.  But I know I cannot without that text.  

Waiting....oh how she loves this game...I will flood when I finally get to wet.  I am so hard.  I will have to relax.

Oh, and I want a cigarette.  And to feel those nipple clamps bite down...hard.

When will the text appear?  And after....such pleasure.

I am her diaper slave.


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