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The Bet - Chapter 55 (Thursday – week 8 Part 5 of 9)

The Bet
By Karen Singer

Chapter 55 (Thursday – week 8 Part 5 of 9)

     Ray stared out the window of his top floor office and noticed one of the company’s SUVs driving in.  He stood there and watched as the vehicle drove into one of the parking spaces and saw Derek and one of his guys get out.  They went to the back of the vehicle where they both grabbed a box and carried them toward the building. 
     Derek.  He was still puzzled over who Derek might be going out with.  Certainly not Sissy as all the women in the company claimed.  He had no idea how that rumor had gotten started – or why it seemed to continue to grow.  No, as odd as the company rumors were behaving lately, he didn’t place the least bit of credence in that one.  But Derek was going out with someone, he just didn’t know who. 
     But… was Derek still going out with her?  It had been a few days now.  Maybe they broke up.  And more importantly, would the woman go out with him instead of Derek?  But the moment he thought about that, his thoughts turned to Gloria, the wild woman.  Damn the woman was good in bed.  He had been out last night with someone else, and yes, the sex had been great, but not like it was with Gloria.  And that was a bad sign.  That was the point where he usually proposed marriage to the woman – more often than not, hoping they would turn him down. 
     But his marriages never lasted.  He enjoyed life and the many varieties of things that it offered too much to be tied down to one person for very long.  So he was resisting seeing Gloria again.  He just couldn’t get the darn woman off his mind.  A bad sign!
     And of course he had another reason to resist Gloria as well.  Mel.  The rich woman.  And darn good looking too.  What more could anyone want in a woman?  He needed to start going out with Mel again and get on her good side.  Marriage to Mel would definitely have it advantages.  Money, money, money! 
     Now that he was reminded of Mel, he pulled out his cell phone and made his daily call, knowing full well that she would probably turn him down again.  She had said she would do that for the next two weeks.  But when you’re after one woman in particular, you don’t give up!  You keep hounding and hounding… and then you drop by for a visit!
      “Hi Mel.  It’s Ray.  How’s it going?” he asked when Mel finally picked up her phone.
      “Hi Ray,” Mel replied.  “Actually, it’s not going too badly.  I’m just finishing up working on something before I go to lunch.”
      “How about taking that lunch with me?  Anything you want.  The sky’s the limit!”
     Mel actually laughed a bit.  With Ray, she knew that would be true.  “Sorry Ray, I have to meet with someone at lunch today and I really don’t dare miss it.  Sorry, but it’s important.  But like I said, don’t give up on me.”
      “Don’t worry,” Ray replied.  “I’d never give up on someone as beautiful as you.”
     Mel actually blushed at his complement.  “Ray, after the work I’ve been doing lately, you’re awfully good for my ego - just listening to you!”
      “I can be better in person.”
      “I know it, but like I said, not till after next week.  Too much is at stake right now and all of it is way too important.”
      “Don’t worry, I’m not going to give up on you.  Just you don’t give up on me!”
     When Ray hung up his phone, for some reason he was feeling a lot better about how things were going with Mel… or weren’t going.  Yes, he definitely needed to plan a little surprise visit to the woman.  He’d do it tonight, but he was going out with one of the women from the accounting department right after work.

     Chad sat in his chair and stared at his computer screen, but his mind wasn’t on anything he was looking at.  It was almost lunchtime. What was he going to do?  Maybe he didn’t have to go to lunch today.  Since he was having to change his diaper so often, there was no reason for Cassie to change him.  Could he just stay here and skip lunch?  As far as he could tell, that sounded like his best course of action.  Just skip it and stay right at his desk.  Lunch might be the one normal meal he got every day, but dressed as he was, skipping it was definitely the best thing he could do. 
     It had been about half an hour now since he had changed his last diaper, and he could already feel how wet his current one was.  But that was nothing new.  He actually enjoyed the feeling of how wet they were.  Of course, he’d enjoy it a lot more if he was wearing more diapers for more protection and didn’t have to worry about making it leak so quickly.  That was a constant problem for him that he could really do without.  Soon though, just eight more days, and he wouldn’t have to worry about leaking anymore.  Of course, he wouldn’t have to do anything humiliating anymore.  And of course, he knew he was going to miss it.  But all good things have to come to an end.
     He looked down at his ridiculous blue dress.  Seated as he was, the skirts poofed out all over the place.  It really was a pretty dress.  Ridiculous, but pretty.  And deep down, he loved it.  The silly blue shoes on his feet were ridiculous too, but they had an added bonus of being very comfortable to wear all day.  Much more comfortable than a pair of heels.  And in their own way, they were fun to wear too.  Living the dream… and then some.  At least for the next eight days.
      “Are you going to lunch?”
     Chad turned quickly in his chair at Robin’s question.  Of course he had to get up and take the pacifier out of his mouth before curtseying, just so he could answer.  “No, I think it’s best if I stay here.  Besides, obviously Cassie doesn’t need to change me today.”  Curtsey, stupid pacifier.
      “But what are you going to eat?”
     Stupid pacifier, stupid curtsey.  “I think I’ll just do without for once,” he replied before having to put his pacifier back in his mouth again and curtseying again.
     Robin smiled.  Actually, this was one of the things she had already worked out with Mel.  He just didn’t know that.  “Tell you what,” she said, you need to eat something.  I’ll be back early and make sure you get something to eat.  Okay?”
     This time, Chad gladly curtseyed and removed his pacifier before speaking.  “Thank you Robin. I really appreciate that.”  Pacifier, curtsey.
      “While I’m gone, you just make sure you get that diaper leaking before lunchtime is over with!”
     Curtsey, pacifier.  “Yes, Robin.”  Pacifier, curtsey.  Actually, he was already wet enough that he figured he wouldn’t have much of a problem with it.  But as Robin left to get her own lunch, he went into her cubicle and grabbed another bottle of baby formula.  As he did, he noticed that all the bottles were full again, even the last one he had just finished.  And every last one of them contained nothing but baby formula.  Sighing, he took the bottle back to his desk. At least he could drink it while sitting in his chair instead of like a child on the floor.  Little things.  Sometimes they counted for a lot!

     As Mel entered the restaurant, her mind was on only one thing – convincing Gloria!  Ever since her conversation with Robin earlier she had been unsatisfied with the even number of judges for their bet.  And Gloria was her last, and best, hope for a better panel of judges.  And knowing Sissy, if he still hadn’t regained control by the second day, which she was hoping for, then he was going to insist on the judges taking control.  Which meant that unless he admitted defeat, they were going to need an odd number of fair judges. 
     She spotted Gloria a few moments after she walked in.  Gloria was already seated at one of their favorite tables.  There was a waitress at the table already taking Gloria’s drink order.  Mel walked up and ordered coffee before she even sat down.  The waitress left, and Mel leaned in toward Gloria as she was still sitting.  “I need your help. Desperately!”
     Gloria was somewhat surprised.  “What’s wrong?”
      “I need you to change your decision about not being one of the people to judge our bet for us.”
     Gloria shook her head.  “I told you…”
      “I know!  But this is serious!  For both of us!”
     Gloria looked a Mel closely for a moment.  “What’s got you in such a tizzy all of a sudden?  Didn’t you find anyone at all to judge the thing for you?”
      “Oh… We’ve got lots of judges… but now we’ve got too many.  And I dare not tell any of them that I don’t want them to judge, not after they’ve all agreed to be totally fair about it.”
      “Okay, so now I’m confused.  You’ve got too many judges, but you’re desperate for me to be a judge a well?”
      “I thought I had it all figured out,” Mel explained.  “Then Robin called this morning and pretty much insisted that she wanted to be one of the judges.  So now we have four… which is an even number.  And we can’t have the possibility of a tie vote with the judges.”
     Gloria shook her head.  “A tie vote doesn’t sound very likely to me.”
“Yeah, I know you’re right, but still, I’d feel better… no, both of us would feel better if the number of judges made sure that something like that couldn’t happen.”
     Gloria just looked at her for a moment.  “But you know how I feel about this.  I’m not even happy about what I’m doing with him during our sessions anymore.  But I will keep doing it since I told you I would.  But other than that tiny bit of information gathering, I’m staying out of it.”
      “Gloria… we need you.  Please!  For both of us.  This isn’t about me playing with him and making him do something silly.  This isn’t even about making him incontinent which is what our bet is all about in the first place.  By the time the judging has to be done, that’s all over with.  The bet will be over.  We simply need people to help us determine the outcome.  People to decide which of us will win and who will lose.  Everything else will be over with!  Please!”
     Gloria continued to look at Mel as she mulled over her words.  “Who do you have judging now?”
      “Cassie and Sandy, Andrea, and now Robin.  We need a fifth judge.”
     Gloria continued to stare at Mel for a moment more.  “I want all of their phone numbers and email addresses so I can talk to them.  If I’m going to do this, then I want to contact all of them and make sure we’re all on the same page… so to speak.”
     Now it was Mel’s turn to stare back in surprise.  It took her a moment to realize that Gloria had just agreed to do it.  “Of course,” she replied.
      “And… there won’t be any of this deciding the bet on the first day thing.  If you want judges that badly, then your bet will be decided totally by us… when the deadline comes, and not before.  There won’t be any of this trying to convince him that he’s lost just because you think it’s going to be close!”
     Mel was shocked.  “I wouldn’t…”
      “I’m just making sure!” Gloria interrupted.  “If you want me to be a part of this, then it’s going to be our decision, not yours or Chad’s as to who wins or who loses.  And we’ll decide the criteria for determining it, not you and not Chad.  If he gains his control back on the first day.  Then so be it, but we’re all going to have to witness that control on the second day to verify it.  Those are my conditions. Take it or leave it!”
     Mel was still staring at her friend in shocked disbelief.  “Fine,” she replied contritely.
      “Maybe you’d better check with Chad about that too,” Gloria suggested.

     Cindy stared out through the doors towards the parking lot.  Sissy wasn’t coming today.  She didn’t know why, only that he wouldn’t bet there.  Cassie had told her that earlier.  She felt disappointed.  She didn’t realize how much she looked forward to seeing him every day.  Him… and his ridiculous outfits… and his ridiculous curtseying… and his ridiculous voice… and all the other ridiculous things about him.  It was only today that he wasn’t going to be there, but she found she really missed him.  She wondered what he was doing today instead that kept him away.  And now… she couldn’t wait to ask him about it tomorrow!

     Robin was actually taking her time.  Instead of going through the drive-thru, she went inside the fast-food place to get lunch instead… although she did get it to go.  She just wanted to give Sissy enough time to finish his bottle… and perhaps a few extra minutes to worry a bit.  The food in the bag on the car seat next to her was starting to smell awfully good.  Nothing in that bag was really on her diet, but then, today, she didn’t care. 
     What she was planning on doing was a bit cruel, but only a little bit.  But she was going to enjoy turning the screws on him anyway. 
     She parked her car and grabbed the food and her drink… she hadn’t bothered to get a drink for him… he would only be drinking baby formula from his bottles – for the rest of the day.  The thought of that made her giggle.  It really was ridiculous… just like him!
     She paused for a moment as she passed his cubicle.  He was sitting at his desk but she couldn’t tell exactly what he was doing… not that it mattered.  She saw him turn around as he realized she was there.  “My place,” she said as she continued her journey. 
     She set everything down on top of her desk and pulled her mirror out of her big bag to once again check her face and hair.  She let Sissy stand and wait while she took her sweet time of it.  She turned to him.  “Get your chair.”  She watched as he hurried out.  She wanted him in his chair because she wasn’t about to get down on the floor with him while they ate.  As he quickly pushed his chair into her cubicle, she started taking lunch out of the bag and unwrapping it.  A large bacon cheeseburger with all the toppings and a large order of French Fries.  She half turned to him.  “Pull your chair up and sit!”
     She expected him to do just that, but she was surprised to realize that he was curtseying instead.  “Thank you, Robin,” he said very sincerely before curtseying again and sticking his pacifier back in his mouth.  The hamburger smelled very good.  So did the French fries.  She could practically hear his stomach rumbling for them.  She knew his mouth had to be watering for them.  She almost giggled out loud.
     As soon as the food was spread out on the desk top near him, she turned to grab her own chair.  When she turned back again, she saw that he had put his pacifier on the desk and was reaching for the hamburger.  “Ah, ah, ah!” she said quickly to stop him.  She saw his puzzled look.  “You’re not wearing your bib,” she explained.  “You don’t eat without a bib on… especially not in that outfit.  What if you dripped?”  She almost laughed at the look of exasperation on his face. 
     She got his bib out that she used on him when he wore her “baby” t-shirt and played on the floor.  “That’s much better,” she declared as she sat down in her chair.  She saw him removing his pacifier and again reaching for the hamburger.  “What are you doing?”
     Chad almost answered without standing up to curtsey, but he remembered just in time.  Fortunately, his stupid pacifier was already out of his mouth.  “I was just going to eat,” he replied.  Curtsey.  Back down in the chair.
      “Yes you are,” Robin told him.  “But not that.  That’s my lunch!”
     Stand.  Curtsey.  “But you said…”
      “I said I’d make sure you got something to eat,” Robin replied before he got any further.  “Now curtsey again and sit down!”
     Chad did just that, but he wasn’t liking the way that Robin had put things – especially when he saw her pulling a grocery bag up off the floor from under her desk.  He watched as she looked through the bag… and then started pulling jar after jar of baby food out of it.  “But…”  He hadn’t gotten up to curtsey, the word just desperately left his mouth.
      “I know you didn’t say anything!” Robin stated sternly without looking at him. 
     Chad said nothing.  He simply stared back and forth from the large hamburger – that looked like it had bacon on it – to the jars of baby food that were now sitting in front of Robin.  He watched disappointedly as she opened the first of those jars, and producing one of his tiny baby spoons from somewhere, pulled a spoonful of green mush out of the jar and held it out toward his mouth. 
      “Open wide,” she said as if she were talking to an infant. 
     Reluctantly, Chad opened his mouth and let her spoon the junk in.  But his eyes never left the big juicy looking hamburger on the desk.
     While he was swallowing his first spoonful of pureed green beans, Robin picked up the hamburger and took a big bite.  “Oh!” she declared.  “This is so good.”  While she was chewing, she picked up his tiny spoon again and fed him another tiny bit of green goo from the jar.  The look on his face was priceless as he devoured the tiny bit of green tasteless food, while her hamburger looked and smelled so good right in front of him.  She fed him another tiny spoonful before taking another bite of her hamburger.  “I just love these things with bacon on them.” 
     Chad knew what she was doing to him, and he didn’t appreciate it.  He was stuck eating lousy baby food while she had an absolute feast in front of her.  And there wasn’t a thing he could do about it.  His mouth watered for the hamburger – especially with bacon on it.  But the only thing he was getting instead was green baby food.  He wasn’t even sure what it was that she was feeding him.  It wasn’t fair!  He opened his mouth and had to accept yet another little bite of food. 
      “You know,” Robin said as she fed him another tiny spoonful from the jar, “my son is one-year old now, and he’s graduated way past using these tiny infant spoons.  He always eats with a regular tea spoon instead – that is, when he isn’t eating something solid, which is most of the time now.  She picked up her sandwich and took another bite, and followed it with two fries and a sip from her drink.  Then she fed him another spoonful from the jar. 
      “In fact,” Robin continued, “did you know that he successfully used the potty twice last night?  He’s really been doing very well with his potty training.  It looks like I’ll have him out of diapers in no time.”
     What she was talking about wasn’t exactly something that Chad wanted to hear. 
      “But you,” Robin said, “You don’t even know when you’re peeing anymore.”  She scrapped the last of the baby food out of that jar and stuck it into his mouth.  Then she took another big bite of her hamburger before opening another jar.  Two French fries later, she shoved the ugly brown pureed beef into his mouth. 
      “Let’s see now,” Robin said to him as she chewed her own food.  “My son eats more grown-up food than you, while you eat only pureed baby food.”  She paused a moment to stick more food into his mouth.  “My son drinks from a cup with a lid on it now and often from something with a straw… while you drink only from baby bottles.”  She paused to take another bite from her hamburger.  “My son is almost potty trained, while you don’t even know you’re pissing yourself.”  She pulled another spoonful of brown goo out of the jar and held it half-way to his face.  “It seems to me,” she said, “that you’re much more of an infant that he is!”  And with that she shoved the tiny spoon towards his face, forcing him to open his mouth quickly to take it in.
     Chad didn’t know he was going to pee, but he did feel himself doing it this time, adding emphasis to everything that Robin had just said.  When she put it like she just did, there was no way he could disagree.  He could feel his face burning red with shame.  And strangely, he also felt that tiny almost physical feeling of sexual need – now located in his back end instead of his front.
     Robin stuck two more fries into her mouth, then wrapped up what was left of her hamburger and fries, which was almost half, and threw it into the trash.  Chad just stared at her wide eyed with disbelief.  Oh how he would love to be able to finish her lunch for her.  But as if proving that he would never be able to, she spooned yet another tiny bit of the brown awful tasting mush into his mouth instead.  What a waste!  But he wasn’t sure if he was thinking that about the food she threw away… or himself.
     To make matters worse for him, three jars of baby food later, he found himself down on the floor of Robin’s cubicle again drinking another baby bottle full of infant formula.  Nothing but a baby indeed.  And when he stood up after his bottle had finished, he realized his diaper was leaking again. 
      “There’s no doubt about it,” Robin teased, “my one-year old son is more of an adult than you!”

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