Friday, October 12, 2012

The First Story I Ever Wrote

The first story I ever wrote was called “Sound Sissy.”  Well, to be totally honest, I was actually working on my first book when I wrote “Sound Sissy.”  But the book took several years to finish and this story probably took no more than a month.

If anyone is interested, I uploaded it to Fictionmania yesterday and it was posted there today.  It’s about a college age transvestite who’s in the closet until a female friend accidentally finds out about him.  Here’s what I said about it:

Written in 2003, this is the first story I ever wrote.  In fact, I thought I hated writing until I decided to write this.  Now I can’t stop writing. 

I am submitting it here to serve as a marker to show how far I’ve come as a writer since then – now that I am actively trying to find an agent for my “legitimate” books.  As such, I’ve done almost no editing so it is pretty much in its original state.  I know I went horribly wrong with this story near the end, but that too remains for the same reason.  And despite that, I think many of you may very well enjoy it.

Have some fun everyone!


sarah penguin said...

The title sounds awfully familiar. Did you post it someplace on the internet before? I'll go hunt it down after I finish today's installment of The Bet.

*waves and tickles*

the ohio pup said...

You have talent! I found Sound Sissy on Ask jolene, and also read Girlish!I got to know Karen , Cindy and Elaine!! Enjoyed Stephanie's trials, Brenda's fears and Jill's domination. Those stories are why I hunted the internet and found your Blog! Is there an escape for Chad? Is there a Stephie ending,or does he surcome to Mel? I wait!