Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I did it! I actually spent the entire day at work yesterday in a diaper. And I used it! Well, I had to, it’s a bit hard to either go all day at all without peeing or to try to untape it and hope it will stick again when you pull it back on (it won’t).

I only wore one diaper under my clothes because I was afraid of the bulk showing through. One diaper, one pair of incontinence panties over it, two pairs of pantyhose over that, and one pair of my regular underpants over that(?) Why my regular underpants you may ask (go ahead ask). Because the diapers plus the pantyhose make an unbelievable rustling noise. Most of the time I no longer notice it, but when I want to make sure it can’t be heard, I found that just putting that simple pair of underpants over top of everything completely eliminates (or at least quiets down) any noise.

Anyway, back to our saga. I didn’t hardly sleep at all the night before due to the apprehension of it. But here’s the strange part. By morning, especially just an hour before I left for work, I was really, truly, comfortable with the idea. How nice. Ok, I didn’t drink any coffee before work. And I absolutely didn’t do any of my relaxing exercises. The result was that I didn’t even have any inclination to pee at all most of the morning, which sure made that easier. The only problem was, that due to the lack of sleep, I kept almost nodding off while I sat at my desk. So about 11:00 I finally had to get up and make myself some coffee, which started things going as soon as I took that first sip. By the time my lunch hour started an hour later, I was bursting to pee. Now please understand that my bladder muscles are not the strongest in the world (never have been) and eventually I noticed that I was squirting a bit, then a bit more into my diaper. I was still trying to hold back a bit, but at least I wasn’t flooding myself.

Anyway, that’s pretty much how the day went. I didn’t change myself at lunchtime because I had just barely started to wet myself. The feeling of the extra bulk between my legs felt really strange all day long because I’m not at all used to it while I’m at work. I worried all day that somebody might notice, but the truth is, there was nothing for them to see. The two pairs of pantyhose compressed everything underneath so there really wasn’t anything out of place for anybody to notice. Between the technology of the diapers and everything I was wearing over top of them, there was nothing to smell either. The result, nobody had a clue. To be honest with you, I did worry about it all day long, but the longer the day went on, the more I realized that nobody can tell. And the less I really worried about it. Relief!

It’s now been (oh my, I’ve really got to count) about eleven or twelve days since I’ve had an orgasm. In fact it’s been about that long since I’ve been able to really get hard. Normally I relieve myself every single day, so by this time I should be absolutely bursting with desire for relief. Instead, I’m bursting with an inner glow that may be one of the most wonderful sensations I’ve ever felt. I’m sure my little sissy clitty would like some attention, but trapped as it is under all my diapers (always pointing down) I can’t even get the least bit of stimulation. And the wetter I get, the more bulk there is surrounding it. For now, it’s doomed to remain imprisoned and unable to do much more than a token amount of swelling. And that’s the way I want it to remain. While I would normally be pleading for or planning my relief (or relieving myself constantly), I am instead making sure I don’t get any. Making sure I can remain basking in this wonderful glow that fills my being.

I’ve been talking with my wife every night. Things are not going as well where she is as everyone hoped. It appears that now we are looking at, at least, another week. Probably more. So this could turn out to be my longest adventure ever. So what am I going to do about it? Enjoy it, enjoy it, enjoy it – oh yeah, and go shopping!

Oh, and before you ask, yes I am going to wear a diaper to work again today.

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