Friday, August 8, 2008

Impulse Buying

Ok, I did something unusual for me last night. Well, let me back up a bit and start a bit earlier in the day, like early morning. If you remember, I had a bit of trouble with my relaxing exercises a few days ago. I just couldn’t seem to do them. I guess the exercise is very much similar to self-hypnosis where I’m really hypnotizing myself to be incontinent. But the other day, my mind refused to concentrate and my body refused to relax. But it got me to thinking about some of the other hypnotizing files I had read about on the internet some time ago. I’ve always been curious about them, the few free ones that I’ve downloaded and tried were really lousy (and I mean worthless). But I was bored last night and for some reason got to thinking about them. So I started going through some of the diaper files on Warp My Mind, and I found one that really intrigued me. After reading some of the comments and especially the postings in the forum about it, it sounded very much like what I was already trying to do myself. The file is:

MM_BladderRetraining - Description: This is the first of the MindMaster Baby Training files. This is the Bladder Retraining file that will train you to wet like a little baby ALL THE TIME, and to love wearing and wetting your diapers and being in a wet diaper. This is NOT for those that want to play with part time diaper wetting. You WILL wet like a baby and be in diapers from now, FOREVER, after this file takes hold and trains you to wet like a baby. If you're ready to become the baby you know you really are, this is the first step. Full time wetting, just like a little baby. Enjoy MindMaster

Now please understand, unlike most people, I rarely ever buy anything on line. But my wife is away, and likely to stay away for a bit longer. And I got really intrigued. So late last night, I went ahead and bought it and downloaded it.

I didn’t start listening to it till almost 11 pm. Now I’ve never been hypnotized before and I really don’t know that I can be. Most of the time with these things my mind is much more interest in the ideas and how they go about it than in actually getting into the spirit of things. I get so bored with the lengthy inductions that I skip right past them. But this recording was different. I sort of followed the instructions, and the further into it I got, the more I followed them. It was just a nice relaxing recording to listen to and I’m very pleased with the quality. No, I’m sure I wasn’t hypnotized, but I did sit there for thirty minutes with my eyes shut and without moving a muscle.

I would like to report though that afterwards, my muscles have remained totally relaxed. Wonderfully relaxed. There have been a few times where I didn’t even know I was peeing till it was almost over. The affect doesn’t seem to be as strong as it was all last night, but it’s still pretty good. I’m still incredibly relaxed and there’s no inclination that I’m even interested in tightening up anything down there.

I also have to report that for some strange reason, I was incredibly horny through the entire recording. My little member wanted to get hard so bad, but trapped under three layers of diapers it wasn’t going anywhere. Still, it was a very pleasant sensation.

I’m afraid I “impulse-shopped” again this morning and purchased the next two files in the series. I liked the first one so much that I’m still curious.

On to other subjects! Sissy Dani challenged me to not wear socks over my pantyhose at work. I’m afraid I’m going to have to chicken out on that one. While I’m wearing diapers to work now, nobody knows and the way I’m doing it, I seriously doubt there’s any chance that anyone could know, but there’s just too much chance of exposure for other things. But oh how I wish I could. Of course I’d also love to be able to wear a dress and heels to work too!

I’ve about convinced myself that I’m going to be filling my car’s gas tank while wearing nail polish. The only question is, will I do it tonight or tomorrow. Actually, it really all depends on what other things are going on, but believe it or not, I can’t wait.

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Pretty Sissy Dani said...

If you wear black hose, I'd bet no one would notice.

As for the gas-pumping thing...have you considered the suggestion I made you about wearing a pair of girlish flats or low heels?

I've never had ANY luck with any audio hypno file I've tried. None at all. Of course, I've never wanted to be a diaper-wearer, so....

BTW, what will you do if you're still incontinent when the wife returns?