Monday, August 4, 2008

Pretty Long Red Nails

I had a very interesting day yesterday. No, unfortunately I didn’t even go out of the house – although I probably should have. I was mostly just too chicken. The opportunity was certainly there for me to do a thousand things in varying shades of humiliation. But I didn’t. Instead, I spent the day doing things like laundry and just working around the house – and learning more and more to enjoy my new pretty long red nails. They were really such a pain to deal with – at first, but as the day wore on, things just got more and more normal with them. Somewhere after lunch I think I really began enjoying them more and more. They looked so nice. They made me feel so feminine. I was really forced to move and use my hands much more like a lady would. Oh, they certainly made some things more difficult, typing was one of them. But even that got a lot easier over time. I just had to learn to do so much more with my nails than with my fingers.

I learned that there were some hand positions that just don’t work with long nails. For instance, sometimes when I sleep I ball my hands into kind of a fist like position. That was certainly out. Keeping my fingers straight worked much better – and felt more feminine too.

As I was doing the ironing yesterday, I really delighted to see my pretty nails as I stroked the fabric beneath my hands. As I colored in my coloring book, I had to hold the crayons just a bit differently, and I enjoyed seeing the pretty red fingertips as they went back and forth across the page. So much that we do during the day where we hardly even notice our hands anymore. I noticed and enjoyed them yesterday. By late afternoon I was wrapped in a cocoon of feeling wonderfully feminine. I just wished I had bought myself another pretty new dress to wear with it.

Unfortunately, I had to remove the nails last night since I have to go to work today. That was a major chore. And let me tell you, for a while there I was afraid they wouldn’t come off. I poured some nail polish remover in a bowl and let my nails soak forever, and I still had to struggle to get them off. But now my hands are dull and dreary and masculine once again. What a let down.

I didn’t try my new child’s knitting project yesterday. And yes, Dani, I got it from your suggestion. I was going to get one of the cross stitching projects instead, but this one looked more fun and was for about the same age level. Hopefully, I’ll try it out tonight.

I realize that I had wanted to step things up a notch and that I had such a great opportunity yesterday, but I chickened out and opted to keep my pretty fingers at home. Yeah, I’m a bit disappointed in myself, but still, I enjoyed the femininity of yesterday immensely. It’s possible (although probably not) that going out might have spoiled that. I was able to keep myself in the house and in my diapers, dress, heels, nail polish, and makeup all day long. How absolutely wonderful!

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