Sunday, August 3, 2008

!$%# Nails!

I have very long, bright red fingernails!!! I can’t type, I can’t do anything. How do women manage with these things? But I guess I’m getting ahead of myself.

I went shopping yesterday and bought myself quite a few little things: more diapers, some incontinence panties, a pink nightgown, a casual girls top, a coloring book and crayons, and a child’s knitting project. I also got a little more makeup and another nail polish, this one bright red. I guess I should also mention that for the next week, my new deodorant is Secret and my shampoo is by Herbal Essences.

When I got back from shopping, I was delighted to find a message from Mistress Gina waiting for me. I spent much of the day doing little at all except coloring in my new coloring book. Now that is turning out to me far more interesting than I ever would have thought. So many princesses in that book. And you have to decide on all their hair and accessory colors, and then there’s all their dresses. It’s like being a fashion designer. I guess it’s being a far more sissy activity than I imagined it would be.

Late in the day, Mistress Gina directed me to get some false nails, so I had to go back to the store to get them. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I’ve been wearing my heels in the car now. It’s an odd feeling now for me to walk past that laundry room door still wearing them, but it’s also just as nice a feeling to get home and step out of the car already in my heels. I wear my pumps when I go out so that I can change shoes in the car easier. But yesterday, I spent 90% of the day in my very high heels that strap around my ankles.

Oh, back to my nails. You all should have seen me trying to get them on last night, what a laugh. The more nails you get on your hands, the less you are able to work with them. I had a lot of trouble picking them up and a lot of times I dropped them on the floor or they went sailing across the room as I tried to manipulate them. And the glue!!! That was another major problem, I kept getting my fingers stuck to each other and to the wrong side of the nails. I’ve come to the conclusion that putting on false nails is a multi-player sport! But they’re on, and they seem to be stuck very firmly.

Mistress Gina also had me do my toenails in the same bright red polish last night too. So now I guess I match – top and bottom. Then it was on to plucking my eyebrows. It was a good thing they were over grown and really needed it. I was actually glad to do it. They look much neater now. I was happy that the plucking didn’t hurt nearly as much as I expected it to – and believe me, I did pluck a lot (it really needed it).

However, I was also instructed that I can’t change my diapers this weekend unless she says I can. And when I got that message I had been wearing my present two diapers for about five hours and was just getting ready to change. I didn’t get permission to change till well after midnight, but she also told me I had to wear my shoes to bed. Now I had been in my very high heels that strap around my ankle for most of the day and my feet were beginning to hurt. I’ve tried repeatedly to sleep in them and always wound up taking them off in the middle of the night because of the pain. So this time I wore my pumps to bed. They were much better, believe me, but again, I had to take them off around 2:30 am because my feet hurt so much. But two hours later, I was feeling so guilty over it, I got up and put them back on. After that though, they were fine. I even forgot they were on for long periods of time. They’re still on right now. I guess my feet just needed that bit of a break.

I guess I should mention that along with wearing three diapers, my incontinence panties, my high heels, and my nightgown to bed, Mistress Gina also increased my pantyhose to three pair. Let me tell you, three pairs of Leggs shear energy pantyhose can be very tight. I immediately noticed that just walking was a bit more difficult. But I guess they’ve stretched out more now to where it feels like my normal two pair again – except around my very, very wet diapers where they still feel exceptionally tight.

I drank several glasses of water last night, and when I got up in the middle of the night, I drank a little more, the result is that I’m very, very wet and my diapers are very, very full. My legs are so straddle legged it’s hard to walk. I guess I drank too much. But I’m purposely not controlling my peeing any more – actually, it may be a bit different now, it’s feeling more and more like I can’t control my peeing, not that I want to even try. I’ve been doing my relaxing mental conditioning exercises a lot and it’s feeling more and more like I no longer have any connection to those muscles that can hold things back. I’ve also noticed that those muscles are never the least bit tense lately. So very often now, the only way I notice I’m peeing is kind of as a background thing. It’s happening by itself and I don’t have to bother about it. Let me tell you, that’s really nice in bed when I’m trying to sleep. Oh, I can feel it, sometimes there’s the building urge before I pee, but more often now, I only realize I have to pee as it’s already coming out of me.

One of the major mental blocks I have is that I really don’t want to wear diapers to work. And I haven’t. But I see these new diapers they have out now that are easy to take up and down so I can still use the bathroom. I’m thinking of getting some to “try” at work – just in case I have a small accident. I don’t really know about this though. I may, or I may not. It’s a big decision for me.

So that’s where I stand now, long bright red nails, heavily diapered and wet, still in my high heels, and waiting till Mistress Gina says I can change again.

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Pretty Sissy Dani said...

I have to ask--was the kiddie knitting kit a response to my suggestion for the needlepoint?