Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This And That

I didn’t get much time at all yesterday to enjoy being a sissy – unless you count the fact that I still enjoy being in my diapers all the time - which I guess I absolutely do count. I had to go and do battle again last night with that dreaded computer virus. I downloaded a “free” program last night and took it with me that was supposed to get rid of the virus for me. But as soon as it finished scanning the computer and recognizing where all the viruses were, it popped up a screen that said you had to register and pay for the complete program before it would remove anything. I was so angry. More so because the modem wasn’t working and there is no internet access on that computer right now. I battled that virus for several hours before I finally deemed I couldn’t do any more. At least I got most of it and it’s no longer re-infecting the computer. But the result was that I didn’t get home till very late last night.

I guess I should mention though, in passing at least, that I guess all this practice with peeing freely has taken a slight toll on how long I can hold back now without wetting. Basically, I can’t seem to go very long at all before I’m leaking all over the place.

Oh, I wanted to mention my fingernails (yes, my very own fingernails). I haven’t really trimmed them now in… well, I don’t know how long. The result is that most of them have grown very long. I say most of them because I had a slight accident at work on Friday and chipped one of them. I guess it’s another sure sign that you’re a sissy when you start to obsess over chipping a fingernail. Anyway, last week I did “shape” them just a tiny bit to help make them look pretty. And now they’re getting long enough where they’re actually starting to get in the way. I keep hitting something wrong on the keyboard or I find myself having to touch or pick things up slightly differently. Most of them are now sticking out slightly past the ends of my fingers. Somebody is going to say something about them soon, and when they do, I guess I’ll have to trim them. But I dread doing it. Despite the fact that I have big fat fingers, a few of them look so long and girly that I absolutely adore them. How could anybody even contemplate cutting them back? I find though that I have to be a lot more careful with them than ever before because I keep bending them or I realize I’m putting the wrong kind of pressure on them. I don’t want them to break. Oh what a sissy I am.

Hopefully, I can spend tonight being all sissy again. I’m really looking forward to it. And I really want to do another very short photo shoot too. (Whisper) I have a pretty new dress!


Pretty Sissy Dani said...

I think I've mentioned this before--you should paint those pretty nails with a clear varnish, or something in pale pink!

Oh--and I want to see pictures of that pretty new dress!

Sissy Daryl said...

Oh I do hope you get some sissy time, I know it means so much. And I too can't wait to see your new dress.